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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions about Massage Therapy or Pilates services?  See below for Answers to commonly asked Questions.  Can't find what you're looking for? Click here to Email us!


Massage Therapy FAQs: 

1. Do You Offer Deep Tissue Massage?

Each client is unique!  I adjust the pressure during the session to accommodate the goals of each individual treatment.

2. Will Insurance Cover My Treatments?

Receipts are issued at the end of your treatment.  If you have insurance coverage for Registered Massage Therapy, the receipts can be submitted to your insurance company.                                               

3. Do You Offer Aromatherapy?

We do not offer aromatherapy at this time.

Pilates Questions:

1. What is Pilates?

A form of exercise that helps strengthen and lengthen muscles. Pilates stabilizes areas of the body (like the core) and mobilizes areas (like hips or middle back).

2. How Will Pilates Help Me?

Pilates can help with strength and flexibility.  It also can help with balance, coordination and breathing.  Many clients notice an improvement in activities of daily life after starting Pilates.

3. Is Pilates Similar to Yoga?

Pilates has similarities to Yoga in positions used and certain stretches.  Pilates is an active exercise so it uses strengthening and stability exercises as well as lengthening exercises.  

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